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The composting worm bin lives in the upstairs bathroom adjacent to my office/studio room.  So when things get weird in the bin, I know about it.

I think that I picked up earwig eggs when I added compost from the outdoor compost bin – I always do this to help stock up the micro-flora.  However it happened, I started getting more and more earwigs.

The pincers look fierce, but aren’t actually pinchy from what I can tell.  They stink a lot if squashed.

There are lots of them.  They thrive on the same kind of vegetable waste that I feed the worms, and they’ve reproduced like mad.  Of course, my options for insect remediation in the compost worm bin are quite limited.

Traps are usually the best.  I looked up how to trap these guys, and most of the sources pointed to a similar technique.  A straight-sided can, like soup or tuna, with a mixture of equal parts of molasses (or corn syrup), vegetable oil (with the possibility of a drop of added bacon grease, for fragrance attraction) and soy sauce.  Because of what I got hold of in the cabinet first, I’ve tried a couple of different oils.  It’s amazingly effective.



This is five or six days worth of earwigs.  They mostly end up in the trap overnight, as they are nocturnal.  I let it go a few days, then tip the oil out in a non-agricultural part of the yard (the chickens declare the bugs delicious!) and refill and reset.  Apparently it works in the garden or house as well.

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Aug. 22nd, 2012 04:11 pm (UTC)
Well, the ones I have, seem to run instead of pinching. I know that it's theoretically possible that people can get a pinch from an earwig - but the ones I have don't seem inclined to do so.

From what I have seen, silk brick used to look a lot more like building brick - the large lapp was folded and then sometimes tied around with a string in a kind of loaf-like shape; if they were stacked tightly, they took on a brick-like shape. I have one old one that's this way.

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