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7 September 1969
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I'm thirty-eight. Born in Kansas, raised in Texas - now, I live in a little house in a suburb north of Dallas with my lover and our small zoo (three dogs, three cats, a tank full of (currently 14) fishes, although it used to include seven reptiles and a bird).

I work at a wonderful job in the arts. I do a lot of dream work, and this journal started out as my dream journal. Now, it's mostly flowers and kittens and fiber arts - but the dream entries can get a little intense, and some of the posts may contain graphic or upsetting language. I try to put all these entries behind cut-tags, but I occasionally have one slip through. I don't censor my posts, but I do mark some of them "Friends Only." If you want to add me to your list, please do, and I'll add you back - but if it bothers you, please don't read it.

Lately, I've been on a serious textile kick, including spinning, knitting, wool, and silk work. I post a lot about this stuff, and often with photos. I also draw, dance, and do other arts stuff from time to time.

I'm gluten-intolerant (celiac disease) - if you want to know about that, just ask. I rarely mention this kind of stuff in my journal itself.

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